1000 Bitches

Mission: Build an influential force of women to develop resources, unite in service and advocate for the animals at SPCA Tampa Bay and the people who love them.

Founded in 2010, a group of women in Tampa Bay met for the purpose of supporting animals in need at SPCA Tampa Bay. From that initial gathering, attendees created a Women's Task Force and gave it a proactive name to capture attention of prospective new members everywhere, "The 1000 Bitches." 

We now have 70 members & growing!
Total Bitches - $1,000/year membership
Half Bitches - $500/year membership
Cheap Bitches - $300/year membership
Smart Bitches- Get someone else to donate your annual membership
Matching Bitches- Your employer/family member/friend matches your gift 


The 1000 Bitches host three socials throughout the year where the Bitches meet to network, share ideas, learn more about SPCA's needs and recruit new members. One of those, “The Splurge,” is when members meet to vote on the next capital improvement project.

Projects Funded


First Project - Completed February 15, 2012
2 Cat Colony Rooms
Max the cat, who had been at SPCA for 3 months was the first one adopted from our cat colony room only 5 minutes after it opened. Accomplished: reducing stress in cats while minimizing upper respiratory infection URI, in 2013 we’re experiencing 100 less cases of URI in cats. Also, the rooms enhance the adoption experience for our customers and assist our volunteers in socializations.


Second Project - Completed October 10, 2012
Adoption Dog Kennel Renovations
New: Flooring, Temperature Regulating, Ventilation, Kennel Doors, & Beds
This project allowed us to decrease disease with new flooring, decrease stress for the dogs via new kennel doors where they can’t see the dogs across from them as well as the temperature regulation for the dogs, our volunteers and our customers. The improvements provide a more inviting adoption kennel for or potential adopters as well.


Third Project - Completed June 5, 2013
Veterinary Services Bundle
-Commercial Dishwasher for better/safer cleaning of food dishes and litter pans, reducing disease
-Two Bathing/Grooming Tubs &Two Otoscopes for checking animals ears in our Treatment Room
-Rascal Room for small animal housing
-Enrichment Toys, Agility Equipment, & Mendota leashes for working with our dogs
-Anti-Bite Gloves for our Ambulance & Admission Team
-Adopt Me Vests for Doggie’s Day Out in or community
Pocket Pets are enjoying their new temporary homes and all ears are checked more effectively. The leashes are safer for the animals, easier for handling and allow quick removal in the event of an emergency. Our new Adopt Me Vests are perfect for Doggie Days Out in our community.

Fourth Project - Completed March 25, 2014
New Cargo Van for Cruelty Investigations
-Benefits: Provides dependable transportation 24/7 for sick/injured stray animals, supports our 24/7 investigation service throughout Pinellas County for animals at-risk.
-Investigative Services: Three Humane Officers and one staff member in training receive an average of 45 calls for assistance per month. Calls are typically for animals that have been neglected/abandoned or abused. Cases are often directed to law enforcement for arrest and trial.
-Ambulance Services: The Investigations Team also responds to calls from good Samaritans who have found sick/injured strays in need of pick-up and emergency medical care throughout Pinellas County. The team handles approximately 450 calls per month.

We welcome any women, who love animals, want to network with other women and are inspired to make a difference in the lives of animals in our community.

For Membership Information Contact:
Luan Dean ~ Director of Mission Advancement

SPCA Tampa Bay, 9099 130th Ave. North, Largo, FL 33773
(727) 586-3591 x122